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What is your ANIMAL MINDSET archetype?

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How well do you understand yourself? We all vibrate on a level.

What's your frequency?

If you believe that you are better than the thoughts you are thinking, then you can make changes.

If you're reading this you are already interested in how you can attract more into your world, so you can finally have the life and success you've been dreaming of.

This assessment will help you to understand where your mindset is at, which can guide you to identify what your subconscious blocks and even what your self-sabotage may be.

Just by completing this you are taking steps to have the kind of life your friends and family will admire.

Your heart will appreciate you taking 10 mins to answer these 12 quick questions to finally allow you to connect to your soul.

At the end you should total all the scores together out of 120.

Which Animal Mindset are you?

Want to understand your score at a deeper level?

Did you know there are further sub levels to explore?

Call me for a ZERO cost debrief, this is how I get to serve my mission to bring more GRACE into the world.


The Real Mell B

  • With the help of 5 different coaches, I've resolved all of my personal trauma and dropped all my baggage at the cemetery of 'all is well with my life now'

  • I've won awards for my programs 

  • Healer and coach I am 

  • Therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist I am not 

  • Published author - and proudly so

  • Horrid salesy person, I could never be.

  • My successes are based on yours.

  • I work with EmpathPreneurs and ambitious Leaders and Lightworkers

  • Mell Balment

    Energy Alchemist, ClairCognisant,
    Emotional and Animal Empath

    BRONZE Int Stevie Award | Coach of the Year 2018 

    BRONZE Int Stevie Award | Solo Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 

    Finalist Australian Biz Awards | Specialist Small Business 2018

    2021 | Quantum Healing and Coaching