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Watch This Video And You'll Learn...

The Tips and Tricks on Using ChatGPT

There are so many ideas and techniques that you can start using it today to elevate your brainstorming and save time. Plus, it's so easy to use!

  • Learn the many different ways you can use ChatGPT

  • Get practical and learn how to write prompts

  • Receive a copy of the prompts and guides I use! 

  • Over 1.6 billion people are using this app!


    Why ChatGPT

    Here's Why You Need To Learn ChatGPT...

    Are you like me and tired of trying to keep up with the to-do list, and spending countless hours on content creation or copywriting that’s just not your area of expertise?

    I Did Not get into my coaching practice to become a market, and haven’t always had the cashflow for my business coaches let alone copywriters!

    That's why I always looking for ways to be efficient when working ON my business.

    And voila came Chat GPT!

    And I can't stress enough how much it has helped me! I started playing and experimenting… boom, I saw the ways to save time and become more humanly creative!

    Here's What The Audience Say

    Because I love supporting my community of business besties (and am a bit of tech nerd), I decided to share my insights with them on a ‘Beginner’ ChatGPT Masterclass. Here's what my audience had to say!

    "Your explanations were clear and easy to understand, and the hands-on exercises were very effective in helping me get familiar with the platform.

    As a result, I now feel confident in using ChatGPT to generate high-quality text for my social media posts, newsletters, and blogs. Your patience and guidance was invaluable in making everything feel accessible and manageable."

    Jen Craig

    Quest 4 Pest 

    "After completing Mell B’s beginner training on ChatGPT, I was amazed by the opportunities. Mell eliminated the overwhelm and empowered me to dive right in. Her suggestions and guidance made what I thought would be hard seem simple and approachable. The training provided step-by-step instructions and 100’s of extra pormpts in her handouts that boosted my confidence.

    I'm grateful for learning the many ways I can repurpose my content and highly recommend this video training. Get ready to be blown away!"

    Renate Halleen

    Kinetic Massage and Body Work

    This masterclass served as the much-needed kick I required to dive headfirst into the fascinating world of the AI instrument.

    It was like Mell strapped rocket boosters to my curiosity and launched me into a realm of endless possibilities!

    #AuthenticityAndExperimentation #ConfidenceBoostingAI #FunLearningExperience #TakingThePlungeWithMell #AIEnlightenment #LaughAndLearnAI

    Bec Pattinson

    For A Day

    Before I did Mell B’s beginner class on using ChatGPT I struggled with how to write content for business which stopped me from being more active on social media and my email marketing.

    However, her training has proved to be a game-changer! Her training video provided me with the many ways I can now feel more confident in getting my message across to my target audience.

    With Mell’s insights, I also learned how to effectively leverage ChatGPT to significantly improve my message. If you’ve been on the fence about using ChatGPT, I highly recommend her training and all of her bonus handout prompt and resourses it’s a game changer. Thanks Mel

    Lynda Hunt

    Eye On Beauty - Gold Coast

    So go if you’d like to see what I shared with them, register now and access to the ChatGPT Beginner masterclass recording.

    Register For This Masterclass And Learn The Effective Prompts for ChatGPT! 

    And as a bonus, I’ll share my scripts/prompts along with some hacks and strategies from what I’ve learned so far!

    Trust me, with Chat GPT, writer's block and feeling like you’re stuck in idea quicksand will be a thing of the past.