High End 1 on 1 Mentoring & Healing

There are 3 options to work with Mell B. Each have different objectives ranging from addressing a specific singular issue to clarifying your identity, right through to complete life acceleration.


Take your personal or career success to the next level?

All coaches essentially guide clients as they work with their inner and outer world to make changes in their mental and physical environment, so they can rise up to their highest potential, reach their goals and consciously design a life of success and happiness.

Mentoring is sharing knowledge and skills to guide another to reach their full potential, it’s a journey of shared discovery.

I combine coaching and mentoring with energy healing depending on your needs, for a completely holistic approach.


Uplevelling, for support to develop potential
and facilitate change

Accountability, to navigate the blind spots and
be an unbiased sounding board

Expertise, to identify and
address unhealthy behaviours and/or thinking

Some aspects of life you may be looking to address

Get the confidence to step into a new more empowered YOU for a more focused and brighter future.

  • Wealth – Stop living from month to month with financial uncertainty. Address the money limitations that are causing your financial stress. Increase how much money you feel deserving of and discover that whatever method we have chosen to receive money through, the ceilings limits to free you to manifest wealth and financial freedom from all directions.
  • Life’s Purpose – Feel positive about yourself and your future and free from the shackles of your past. Knowing what your life purpose is, creates a certainly and direction within that is unwavering. Identify yours. Release the overwhelm, get out of your rut and take back your power so you can stop proving yourself to others (and accepting clients that don’t ‘get’ you just for the money).
  • Health – We can achieve more with a health body to carry ourselves in. Understanding our ailments and restrictions, frees us for more abundance to do the stuff that matters. Have a balanced approach to your health, reduce the sickness (even your physical pain!) and improve your health and vitality health to stick to your goals. Finally kick diets to the curb!
  • Relationships – We cross paths with people to grow and expand our potential. Sadly we struggle to work with some of these dynamics. We look at what or who is holding us back from realising our fullest joy.  Curate the supportive circle of friends you deserve to have behind you.
  • Love – All humans seek deep fulfilling love. The unconditional that allow us to ‘be’ in the phase we address and unleash the boundaries stopping us from attracting in love in all of it’s capacities. Have a wonderful life partner by clearing the gunk that’s built up between you.


All Are Created For Different Results Depending On Your Unique Situation




Elite Mindset Accelerator - By Application Only

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Here are some of the outcomes and benefits you may be looking for, whichever program you choose to meet your circumstances.

I can support you to

  • Eliminate stress – and stop anxiety plaguing your mind
  • Stop negative self talk – and frustrating procrastination and self-sabotage
  • Have a balanced approach to your work and life balance – make time for your ignored priorities
  • Get out of your own way  – whether it’ a rut or hamster wheel of behaviours
  • Stop worrying about the future – be aligned and passionate for what lies ahead