How Deep Belief Hacking Works


In the 6 years since leaving the corporate world to do mindset work with entrepreneurs I’ve noticed so many really struggle to understand what’s causing the stuckness that’s stopping them reaching their goals as a spiritually driven entrepreneur.

Are you aware that most millionaires credit their mindset as their most valuable asset?  Have you ever considered what happens when you work so hard and it doesn’t work out? Isn’t it just a ton of wasted time and effort?

What I’ve found is that entrepreneurs struggle in 1 of 3 different areas of what I call the BS scale (AKA your Belief System). The Animal Mindset Ladder is a tool that measures where you are on the BS scale.

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The first level on the pyramid is the PANDA.  In simple terms this means that you are stuck in a low frequency making it hard for you to break free from your negative self-talk and self-sabotaging behaviours.

Next on the Ladder is the PORCUPINE. You know when you are in the vibration of the porcupine when you are looking for support but don’t really believe it’s actually going to help.

Higher is the 3rd stage that I call CHEETAH this is when you a passion to make change and have probably tried several paths of accomplishing that change.

Now the fourth level on the Mindset Ladder is what I call The Stag.

This is where you want to be. Your mindset is getting to be as powerful as it can be. You can lead the herd and hold your antlers proudly with the wisdom, of when to stand your ground.

Now in order to raise above the line from Cheetah to Stag, you need what I call Mindweb Analysis.

And That’s what I do.

I help you understand the web of your BS, so you can raise your frequency to that of STAG.

Now there is a reason we get caught in our web of beliefs. 1 is that so many courses promise us a quick result or fast buck. And we believe the answers are external from us.

When in fact what I’ve found, is that it’s our belief system holding us back from properly leveraging those courses and external strategies.

So many entrepreneurs will have done 1 of these three things.

First is coaching, now that often provides day to day strategies and an unbiased sounding board, and maybe you’ve had past success with a business coach or maybe you haven’t.

The second approach you may have tried is some sort of healing or spiritual guidance to address your BS. I’ve used this for my business and will continue to.

The third way is Personal Mastery, you’ve been taught to listen to your heart and tune into the divine inspiration to make your decisions and take action from.

Now so many of us take 1 or 2 of these strategies and service our clients to the best of our abilities.

That’s the problem. We believe that if we do each of these things at some point in time, we will reach our goals.

The reality I’ve found for myself, is that you aren’t combining all 3 or going deep enough into your MindWeb to understand what’s driving you.

If you’re someone serious about growing your business then it means you already understand that you need to have a powerful mindset.

Now let me show you what a MindWeb might look like.

It all starts with what many call a limiting belief.

Somebody tells you something at an early impressionable age and you take it to be completely true for you and your life.

Perhaps you heard somebody said that wealthy people are selfish and mean, your ego then starts to build a web to protect and hold that belief to be true

Then karmic ties or attachments are created such as

‘I’d rather just-get-by, than be rich and mean’, which continues to anchor in your Mindweb.

In order to truly move forward you may need to (at an energetic level) forgive the person (and even yourself) as well as break any ties and reprogram any DNA or damaged cells.

And to add more complication you may have a generational imprint or past-life energy to address as well!

To achieve success you need to identify ALL of the anchors and associated issues, not just the limiting belief.

Isn’t it more important to focus on ‘what you think’ and how you show up in the world’ rather than how many hours of hard slog you put in each day?

And that’s how I can help.

I use my MindWeb Analysis tool, to totally address every single aspect affecting your subconscious BS and with my gifts as an empath combine accountability with coaching, as well as teach you, personal intuitive mastery.

When it’s all reframed, you will raise your mindset vibration right up to The Stag.

THEN….. with your other business strategies, you will be busting your goals right out of the park, without continuously relying on me as your mindset coach.

What is Mentoring and Coaching?

All coaches essentially guide clients as they work with their inner and outer world to make changes in their mental and physical environment, so they can rise up to their highest potential, reach their goals and consciously design a life of success and happiness. Mentoring is sharing knowledge and skills to guide another to reach their full potential, it’s a journey of shared discovery. I combine both with energy healing depending on your needs, for a more holistic approach.

For support to develop potentials or facilitate change
For unbiased sounding board
To identify and address unhealthy behavior and/or thinking

There are 3 principles to achieving deep transformation

Massive Growth &


Achieve Highest


Constant Self


Principle 1: massively expand my clients growth

“massive goals, even major life changes or transitions, can be achieved with grace, honour and confidence”

You know you are in the company of a great coach or mentor their focus is purely on the guidance, empowerment and support of an individual to uplevel their mindset upskill their capabilities and enchance their self worth.

The best coaches in the world can adapt their coaching style, tools and methodologies to drill down to truly connect and make an impact on the blocks to their highest potential.

When a coach does this well, massive goals, even major life changes or transitions, can be achieved with grace, honour and confidence.

And crazy out of this world achievements will start to take place from a place driven by tapped into intuition.

Principle 2: achieve my clients highest potential

“great coaches sees the end possibility before the client does”

Truly great mentors and coaches know that with the night guidance and support, every single person on earth has the potential to achieve their biggest, boldest, widest goals and dreams.

A great coach believes this down to their soul

It’s part of why they are incredibly effective at what they do

No matter how much or how little a person has achieved, a fantastic coach has the ability to see how far and how high their client can go, long before the client sees the mountain top themselves.

Clients need their coach to believe in them and their ambitions even when they don’t know how they will achieve it on their own.

Author: Ken Poirot says, “There is no greater power and support you can give someone than to look them in the eye, and with sincerity and conviction say “I believe in you.”

A coaches faith, trust and belief in what our clients can do, achieve and experience fuels them through the challenges to success and results.

Principle 3: have a commitment to my own ongoing learning ie “Growth Mindset”

“professional coaches constantly invest in their own personal development”

World-class coaches and mentors are always in “learning mode”. They never stop looking for ways to upgrade who they are as people and enhance their coaching skills and methods.

This endless quest for excellence is fueled by constantly asking themselves these 3 powerful inner questions

  1. What Can I do to improve my coaching capabilities
  2. How can I supercharge my clients results
  3. Where can I serve at a deeper level today than previously

What some of my recent clients say

I'm no longer stressed about being lonely and finding that long term relationship/partner
I know the right one will come along at the right time, until then I am so much happier with my life & the journey I have been on

Catherine Ellwood

It has only been two weeks since I had the most incredible breakthrough session with Mell I can honestly say that the change in both my business and personal life has been incredible. She was so insightful and supportive. I was seriously not expecting these results. Working with has been a fantastic investment which has resulted in an enormous shift that I know I'm going to benefit from for years to come

Cherry Wills

In just one healing session I felt calmer and lighter. Her CRP process gave me what I needed to move forward positively and focus on what I need to - my art exhibition. Thank you for your support and helping facilitate the change I needed to move forward in my life.

Tracie Eaton