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Mell Balment Quantum Coaching and Healing

Creating Your Legacy by Mitchell Crock

Episode 39: Expanding Your Comfort Zone with Mell Balment

That fear of failure or quite often with my clients is fear of success.

They are at a stage where they've already had some success and that next level that ambition means a new level of growth, it means a new level of expansion.

So, I don't like the phrase stepping outside your comfort zone. That, to me, is too challenging for your nervous system for your ego to be comfortable.

So, how about we consider expanding your comfort zone? Like if we constantly are growing, that's, that's a more positive way of looking at it.

This episode talks about ways on how you can beat yourself to stop playing small and instead uplevel to your highest potential.


Empowered to Shine by Leoni Bolt  

Episode 13: The Power of Quantum Healing with Mell Balment

"Along the way, I was actually hiding from something that I didn't even realize was a gift of mine and that was the healing element. I kind of felt that it was too woo woo like that's what other people do, that's not what I do.

And then one day, I'm like I'm helping other people be successful in the relationship, I'm helping people identify what their life by design is.

"I think I just need to embrace this whole healing thing and just acknowledge it is my innate gifts that have actually been developed."

This is an exciting episode as we dive into what quantum healing looks like, healing the future, AI and life lessons from the dreaded Big C.

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