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Quiet Rebellion Conference

Chaos to Calm | Navigating Leadership as Empaths

From Chaos to Calm: The Revolutionary Business & Leadership Integration Process For Empaths, will be LIVE at the Quiet Rebellion Conference (hosted by the phenomenal Casey Lightbody)!

This event is completely FREE to attend! That means you have access to my insights on Business and Leadership Integration Process of Empaths, along with over 30 other incredible experts who are all dedicated to helping you bring your vision to life, make your b-i-g dreams come true, and create a lasting impact on the world.

The sessions are only live for a limited time. So, seize the moment and don't miss out on this golden opportunity! Ready to join in? Hurry and register to join the conference for FREE. 


Rise and Inspire Speakers (RAIS)

From Chaos to Calm | Managing our energy in the digital age as an Empathic leader

Managing our energy in the digital age as an empathic leader is an important concept that has gained more attention as technology continues to shape the way we work and communicate. In today's fast-paced digital world, we are constantly bombarded with information and stimuli that can drain our mental and emotional energy. As an empathic leader, it's important to recognize this and take steps to manage our energy effectively so we can lead with empathy and be fully present for our teams.


All Things Relatable

Sometimes the brightest rainbows come after the darkest storms: Mell Balment

In this episode, I talk about how I weathered the storms that I personally faced in my childhood and growing up and how I've built hope despite the difficulties. After much healing, I am here to share with everyone how I survived the ordeals of my life and how it became my power to serve humanity.


The Bodacity Show

Unleash Your Inner Empath Rockstar: Mell Balment's Guide to Thriving in the Digital Age

In this episode, we teach you how to own your empath powers and become a fearless leader in the digital age. In this sizzling video, we dive headfirst into the latest evolution of empathic leadership, dishing out the deets on why some empaths soar while others end up shipwrecked. Don't miss the chance to learn how to unleash your inner empath rockstar in our digital world!


2nd Annual GatherVerse Summit 2023

A Panel Discussion on The Human Side of the Coming Metaverse

A distinguished roster of nearly 100+ speakers from government, academia, industry and more will present keynotes, talks and roundtables during the summit. These include thought leaders from the ranks of designers, producers, authors, advisors, podcasters, public policy advocates, researchers, security specialists, filmmakers, education experts, futurists, wellness practitioners and global community leaders looking to add real human value to technologies that connect us.


The Catalyst: Transformational Speaking and Coaching Conference


The journey to empowered empath-preneurship.

In this event, I help EmpathPreneurs to get clarity and confidence to embody their empathic gifts in their life and business so they can leave their legacy on the world!


Creating Your Legacy by Mitchell Crock

Episode 39: Expanding Your Comfort Zone with Mell Balment

That fear of failure or quite often with my clients is fear of success.

They are at a stage where they've already had some success and that next level that ambition means a new level of growth, it means a new level of expansion.

So, I don't like the phrase stepping outside your comfort zone. That, to me, is too challenging for your nervous system for your ego to be comfortable.

So, how about we consider expanding your comfort zone? Like if we constantly are growing, that's, that's a more positive way of looking at it.

This episode talks about ways on how you can beat yourself to stop playing small and instead uplevel to your highest potential.


Empowered to Shine by Leoni Bolt  

Episode 13: The Power of Quantum Healing with Mell Balment

"Along the way, I was actually hiding from something that I didn't even realize was a gift of mine and that was the healing element. I kind of felt that it was too woo woo like that's what other people do, that's not what I do.

And then one day, I'm like I'm helping other people be successful in the relationship, I'm helping people identify what their life by design is.

"I think I just need to embrace this whole healing thing and just acknowledge it is my innate gifts that have actually been developed."

This is an exciting episode as we dive into what quantum healing looks like, healing the future, AI and life lessons from the dreaded Big C.

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