What Women Really Want


A man’s ultimate guide to the secrets of understanding women

It’s true, men struggle to understand women …

It’s an age-old problem that has spawned many books, workshops, TV shows, movies and even the odd argument. You see, women are considered to be ‘complex’ but really it’s just hormones and brain wiring that is completely different.

Written for men, but loved by women too, this book explains that women are not necessarily more ‘complex’, we’re just not the same as men.

When you grasp the differences everything becomes easy!

Whether you’re a single man looking for some companionship or a long-term girlfriend, or already in a committed relationship What Women Really Want will truly help you build your connections with women.

As a highly skilled mentor and coach, Mell Balment’s aim is to help her fellow sisters out by showing men not only what women want, but also how to do it.

These practical insights will transform your perceptions, pre-conceived ideas, judgments and misunderstandings of women.

Most important of all, you’ll be able to get clear and stay true to what you want from your own life and romantic relationships along the way.

Turn the information from the book What Women Really Want into knowledge!

The free handbook features nearly 200 pages of templates, examples and further information that will propel you to greater clarity, direction and action with your dating efforts and understanding of women.

With the realisation in July of 2007 that children weren’t on her life path; the divorce led Mell into the online world of dating.

After 70+ first dates, she became a serial dater and learnt what was and wasn’t working through those encounters, specifically with online profiles and the differences between the profile descriptions and reality. It eventually dawned on her; Mell was the constant factor in the equation!

Mell struggled to find what she wanted… couldn’t connect with the right men that brought the mix of not wanting children, go-getter attitude, attraction and her values.

She, possibly like many of you, struggled to know where to find the RIGHT one.

Mell was also constantly hearing how her hardworking, successful, younger managers around her suffered from isolation – through their focused career efforts. Mell was informally helping them with their dating challenges, with several relationships and even a marriage to her credit.

I can honestly say that Mell is a hopeless romantic but with a professional background, after her lifestyle change from Canberra to Queensland early 2013, she now provides support and healing services, online course and speaks publicly to understand their emotional blocks and mindset.

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As someone who specialises in working with men, I found Mell’s approach aligns heavily with my own. So it is encouraging to see in a world of confusing messages to men in general … especially around dating. I found Mell’s book incredibly inspiring. I really admire what she’s doing and wish that more men would wake up earlier.  

Richard Burian - Language Specialist

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