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Mell Balment Quantum Coaching and Healing
Mell Balment Signature Program Quantum Healing Program

Address your subconscious with mindset and
accountability so you can achieve faster impact.

Get started today with 3 award-winning

sessions for only $999.

This Could Be You

The best way to achieve the results you desire is through private personalised programs.

Depending on your situation and goals, there are a couple of program options to suit your needs. I intuitively match the right program to what's needed to remove the blocks to your goals.

Energy healing is the secret weapon in the back pocket of most millionaires, as the breakthroughs and transformations are rapid!

If you're looking to make real changes in your life or business, take a look at the programs below and schedule a call with me to discuss how we can work together to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

The Soul Success program is the first step on your transformational path.

It focuses on providing you with profound insights and breakthroughs. As you progress through the blocks to your subconscious, the sessions go deeper. I'm also big on accountability to keep you on track, providing out of office 'wing-girl' support and guidance to help you along the way.

So if you're ready for amplified techniques for hacking your deep-rooted beliefs that may be hindering your progress, schedule a call (button at the top) to discuss how I can work with you to achieve your desired outcomes.

  • Gain clarity and understanding through profound insights and breakthroughs.

  • Stay focused and on track with increased accountability for measurable progress.

  • Receive additional support and guidance for success, akin to having a trusted wing-girl by your side.

  • Utilise award-winning Deep Belief Hacking techniques to overcome your limiting beliefs and obstacles in the most powerful and effective way, you've come accross.

Take a look at the programs below, then book a call to discuss,
what you want to change in your life or business.

Mell Balment Soul Success Program

Unlock the Power of Your Soul with The Soul Success Mentoring and Healing Package - Rapidly Transform Your Life Today!

Experience the life-changing benefits of my unique coach program designed to help you unleash your fullest potential.

In just 3 super-charged sessions, you'll be empowered having cleared the significant blocks and conquered the personal challenge that has been holding you back.

With my Deep Belief Hack techniques, you'll dive deep into complex issues and release all limiting beliefs that have been sabotaging your success.

The outcomes? Achieve a profound shift in your mindset and perspectives.

Imagine finally breaking free from the constraints that have been holding you back and stepping into a new level of empowerment and self-mastery.

Don't let anything stand in the way of your success - transform your life today with The Soul Success Mentoring and Healing Package.



    EmpathPreneurship Elite

    Unleash Your Intuitive Gifts and Thrive with the Empath-Preneur-Ship Program - Your Path to Impactful Success Starts Here!

    Discover the power of your intuitive gifts and manifest beyond your wildest dreams with my Empath-Preneur-Ship program.

    Through personalised 1-on-1 coaching, we'll overcome common struggles and address blocks in areas such as income, influence, and independence, while boosting clarity, confidence, and commitment.

    As a Secret EmpathPreneur, you'll amplify your impact on the world and accomplish your soul's ambitions faster with this transformational program. Don't let your intuitive gifts go untapped - unlock your full potential and create meaningful success today!



    Mell Balment Absolute Me

    Are you going through a life transition and don't know what you want or what makes you happy any more?

  • Have you always put your kids needs first?

  • Recovering from a toxic relationship?

  • Is there an interest you've always wanted to explore?

  • Do you have hidden ambitions?

  • Have excess time to yourself, but not sure what to do with it?

  • Clarity during this overwhelming and confusing time will help you to cope and empower you to make decisions based on YOUR wants and needs!

    This program is for you if you are ready to discover yourself and the potential you never had the courage to acknowledge previously.

    Combining all of my favourite Rapid Results coaching tools and mindset Super-Conscious adjustments, this 6 week program will have you emerging a new confident and uplevelled version of yourself, ready to take on the next chapter of your life!

    Is it time to redefine your identity?

    Soul Success Expansion

    If you are READY for a paradigm shift to expand beyond the human dimensions leading into the New Earth... THIS IS FOR YOU! 

  • For Intuitive Souls seeking and READY for deeper knowledge about True Soul Self and Consciousness.

  • For upfront women that don’t accept BS whilst leading a purposeful and impactful life.

  • For those READY for a paradigm shift to expand their current spiritual knowledge and awareness beyond the human dimensions leading into the New Earth.



  • Do you find yourself doubting your ability to accomplish your big vision and mission?

  • Are you ready to quantum leap your thinking from 'doing it all yourself' to having clarity of your super powers and what to delegate.

  •  If you know you have to stop being a perfectionist and controlling everything.

  • Empathic Leaders often have fears of being seen at the level of visibility required. Do you worry about being judged?

  • Often the desire to be 'wealthy', creates next level issues. Do you know something is holding you back which has to be cleared before your next-level of financial expansion is possible?

  • Completely personalised, the Elite Mindset Program supports you with this massive acceleration including full wing-girl support.

    Whatever your crazy ambitions are , I've got you, and you've got me in your back pocket.

    Monthly Retainer Programs

    Elite Mindset, Mell Balment, Mindset Mentor, Mindset Coach, Life Coach

    As a coach, healer or light-worker do you want to achieve massive things
    in the next 3 to 12 months but find yourself...


  • saying, 'I don't have enough time'

  • thinking, 'who am I to want more'

  • believing, 'I'm not good enough to have it all'

  • asking, 'how do I stop feeling frustrated and fed up?'

  • questioning, 'why I'm not making the progress I expected'

  • wondering, 'when the hustle and constant juggling will stop?'

  • constantly deferring the day, 'l will put myself first'

  • feeling, exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed? and

  • pushing aside what NEEDS to done with 'I'll get to 'that' one-day'?

  • You only get one lifetime to experience all that you desire. 

    If you're ready to...

  • believe you're worthy of putting yourself first so you can share your brilliance with the world?

  • know you're willing to fully show up in the world so you can reach the clients that you were born to serve?

  • feel pumped about leaving your legacy so you can create your unique impact on the world?

  • If you're feeling the swell of 'heck yes!' rising from your heart, have tears welling in your eyes and feel the resonance, then you're ready to fully embody the Leadership role you were born for.

    I know you're ready to...

  • have the clarity to focus on the right strategic activities for sustainable growth

  • live into your own limelight and show up authentically as the Thought Leader you already are

  • amplify your vibration to charge and feel worthy of your million dollar aspirations

  • I know you're ready for regular retainer support...

    Mell Balment Elite Mindset Program
    See What Others Are Saying


    I have been working as a trainer and coach in personal and professional development for over twenty years. And I have been engaged in my own development for much longer than that, it’s a lifelong process after all.

    Over the years I have worked with some outstanding professionals, and I can honestly say that Mell Balment is one of those I rank at the top. Her passion and commitment to creating tangible outcomes while working on intangible limitations are outstanding.

    Her ability to deal with ego and identity issues helped me dig deep, always trusting that Mell was managing the process with equal compassion and no-nonsense focus. I recommend working with mell to anyone who wants to make a meaningful difference to their life and their potential.

    Angela Heiss - High Performance Coach

    Get referral bonus either in cash or a free session with me when you refer a friend and they sign up for any of my programs!

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    Fast free 3 part healing, video-series to clear the blocks, beliefs and sabotage of your ambitions!

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