Do you…

struggle to keep the negative self-talk out of your head?

realise that you are meant for (and capable of) more in your life, but still doubt?

tune into your inner calling but have no idea where or how to bring 'it' to life?

Only by going within can we ‘see’ our fullest potential.

By working with a coach & mentor, you can realise that potential, faster.

There are three ways to work with Mell B

Over the years Mell has curated a library of free audio meditations, quizzes, and pdf’s.  You can search across a range of subject from dating and relationships to career advancement.

Not everybody is at the stage to hire a mentor, you can find the group program with a great affordable opportunity to work with Mell B weekly.


Carefully structured programs have been designed to gently and supportively work through the issues holding you back from realising your most brilliant success.



Love It... or Pay Nothing

My quantum coaching and healing is my life’s work. I stand by the depth and exceptional level of personal service I deliver.

I get the uncertainty you might be feeling, many have expressed similar thoughts beforehand, so here’s what I’m going to offer you…

My Personal Guarantee of Success & Satisfaction

If at the end of our time together you felt you didn’t received huge value, just let me know and I’ll refund you in full.

Mell Balment

Please Note: I have spent tens of thousands working on my own healing and inner game. I have spent thousands more developing my processes and techniques. My personal goal is always to provide you maximise results and success (afterall I’m not successful unless you feel successful). However if you aren’t totally delighted, email me with your bank details at and I will refund you in full.