Mindset and BS (Belief System) reframing...
the fast and easy way!

Most of us need help with our super-conscious BS.

You see it’s our Belief System that drives all of our decisions, feelings and actions.

Whether you’ve just decided to address your BS for personal advancement…
Or you’re ready to up-level your professional ambitions…

When it comes to finding a fast, supportive way to achieve your success goals:

You need an efficient method and an aligned mentor.

A mentor who integrates practical strategies with the latest mindset healing methods.

A mentor who can take your hand to:

  • get clarity around what’s been holding you back from your success
  • learn the methods you need to break free from your subconscious limits
  •  give you no-time-wasting, accountability
  • elevate your vibration to unshakable heights of confidence and self-belief

(All whilst learning self-mastery to free yourself from the tether of the hamster-wheel of sessions).


3 Day Ambition Accelerator

How Struggling Entrepreneurs Are Discovering Their Confidence To Quickly Achieve Their Greatest Ambitions  Without Losing Their Freedom.
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  • learn how to consistently tap into and properly leverage soul clarity
  • 10x your confidence on a daily basis
  • stay committed to your biggest ambitions without fear of failure OR success!


Feel relaxed and have supreme clarity and confidence about your future

Pick the stage you’re ready to explore with Mell B holding your hand the entire way

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My life’s work is dedicated to supporting you to reach your goals and dreams in all areas of your life. My resources and award-winning processes cover a variety of solutions for, leadership growth, personal development and energetic healing, all of which can help you achieve what you desire, to live a brilliant life.

Curious about my MindWeb analysis process, check out this video that explains it.

The Success Alchemist

Mell Balment

Creator of Mindweb Analysis and the Deep Belief Hacking system

If you’re an Awakened Dynamo wanting to elevate your wealth, reputation and conscious leadership then Mell Balment can help you become the heralded leader to leave your legacy on the world!

Mell is a change maker in the space of subconscious mastery and is on a passionate mission to help awakened leaders take their personal success and fulfilment to luscious levels.

For over 6 years Mell has helped innumerable hidden healers and enduring entrepreneurs learn for themselves, the skills of human effectiveness and conscious leadership.

Mell is a certified Rapid Results Coach and Quantum Healer. Using advanced epigenetic techniques and her comprehensive MindWeb modifying approaches, Mell has blended both areas of expertise with her intuitive teachings into a new and highly effective alchemy system called Deep Belief Hacking®.

Her earth-shattering techniques help you identify hidden self-sabotage obstructions and limiting anchors, significantly improving your confidence and notoriety; fast. And, she applies this same psychology to help you perform at elevated levels for soul-aligned confidence.

With a reputation for her courage, grace and empathy, multi award-winning coach, Mell was honoured as one of the world’s top 10 healers in 2019 for her Cognitive Reframe Process.

Known for her cutting-edge quantum coaching & healing programs and masterclasses including ‘Elite Mindset Accelerator and ‘Success Awakening she is likewise a vivacious public speaker and author of ‘What Women Really Want’.