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42 Questions Preview

A marker is a signpost, an indicator that we are heading in the right direction.

Most have heard of red flags but many don't know how to spot them or fail to leverage them; instead steering in the opposite direction, causing them to shipwreck their efforts or sail to an unintended destination.

Inside this guide are many of the same questions I use with my private clients, CEOs, professional speakers, 6-figure+ entrepreneurs, and everyone in between.


Hi! I'm Mell B and is referred as The Deep Belief Hacker for high-performing thought-changing entrepreneurs. That 'resilient lady' who broke the mould of being an empath.

By mastering my hyper sensitivities, I navigated to shores of calm, confident, happiness by sailing through my mind-storms.

A far cry from my corporate, travelling Executive Assistant life, with CSIRO and PWC, I do however, carry the focus of outcomes into my talks and work.

My passionate personality, combines spirituality with the neuro science of subconscious, to hack your belief systems with award-winning results. My favourite people seek bigger stages, those on the voyage of expanding their personal brand to global empires.

I do this by teaching how to embrace intuitive, empathic-intelligence, and integrate with the work they do in the world.

When I'm not living out my own mission, I go sailing the oceans or fulfilling the demands of my 2 Burmese fur-babies.

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