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Some people think that only special individuals have extraordinary senses, but I believe we all have them from the start. Some of us are just more aware and better at using them. 

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Mell Balment Quantum Coach and Healer
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to make your impact on the world.

Helpful Resources

Intuition is a powerful yet often overlooked tool in business.

When we know and harness our intuitive gifts, we can unlock hidden potentials,
gain self-understanding, and enhance decision-making skills.

These free tools explore the benefits of utilising your intuition in your business,
providing a valuable edge in today's competitive landscape.

Intuitive Gifts Assessment

Many would have us believe that these extraordinary senses are only reserved for a special few.

However I believe that we are ALL born with them, but some of us are more aware and have tuned up the ability to use them.

Discover the 9 different types of Clair senses are and identify which you have.

Intuitive Gifts

Intuitive gifts refer to natural abilities and inclinations towards perceiving information beyond the five senses, such as receiving insights, impressions, or messages from sources beyond the physical senses.

These gifts often referred to as 'the clairs' may include clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), and other forms of sensory receptiveness.

Intuitive gifts can be developed through practice and training, but some individuals may possess stronger natural abilities in this area than others.

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Are you looking to amplify and manage your empathic gifts to your advantage?

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42 Questions


42 Question

To amplify your

A marker is a signpost, an indicator that we are heading in the right direction.

Most have heard of red flags but many don't know how to spot them or fail to leverage them; instead steering in the opposite direction, causing them to shipwreck their efforts or sail to an unintended destination.

Inside this guide are many of the same questions I use with my private clients, CEOs, professional speakers, 6-figure+ entrepreneurs, and everyone in between.

FREE Ambition Accelerator


Ambition Accelerator

To amplify your

Untangle Your Mindweb and fears about ‘Being Seen' so you can reach those people you are here on earth to support.

Whatever your choice of 'role' in this life, I know you're called to do 'more' which means we have to show up brighter in the world to be seen.

I believe this is my life's work, to carve a path for other empaths and light-workers to easily and comfortably step onto your brightest stage, whether it's locally within your bubble of influence or on a global stage.



For Confidence, Clarity and CALMNESS

People who have high-stress jobs can often use this breathing technique when they're in fight-or-flight mode. This can help re-center or improve their concentration and stay calm and focused.

Learning to control our breath enables us to bring our bodies out of a state of stress and into a state of relaxation.

Incorporating this practice into your daily routine can help you feel more relaxed and aware.

Health Activation


Health Activation

To release the blocks you have about health, illness, your body, and fitness.

Want to get motivated on your health goals but have no idea how to begin or stay committed?

This guided meditation will allow you to release the blocks, issues, and burdens you have about health, illness, your body, and fitness.

Leaving you confident that you will actually achieve your goals of a strong, fit body and healthy lifestyle, and more.

Wealth Activation


Wealth Activation

To release the blocks you have around money and wealth.

Want to stop worrying and stressing about money and finances?

This guided meditation will allow you to release the blocks, issues, and burdens you have around money and wealth.

Leaving you confident that you will actually achieve your goals, including a

healthy bank balance, believing that there will always be enough, and start saving for the right things. 



EmpathPreneurship Online Course

Deep Belief Hack your self worth to create your INDEPENDENCE

We are GREAT at listening to others, or going outside ourselves to find guidance and wisdom.

This belief that we 'don't know enough' stops us from receiving the internal truths and paying attention to the guidance that our spiritual beings are meant to be connected to.

Building up the ability to tune inwards and listen to our inner wisdom creates independence and confidence to follow your own instincts.

It may also stop you putting your own needs last.

Tools and Apps

Here are a few of my recommended tools that has been useful for me in running my business. Click on the icon to learn more about each tool.

Social Media Content
ChatGPT Beginner Training

Chat GPT Beginner Training

I created a video to walk you through the basics of ai generated content for advanced content repurposing strategies.
This mini walk through, also shares over 100 swipe prompts for you to copy/paste!



I can only say wow! Taking any audio or video, this software creates enough output options for 1 months of posting!
Cheap and easy to use, this software is a game-changer for repurposing your content.



A brand new platform (still in start up phase @ May 2023). It take a video and creates clip snippets for Reels and shorts along with guidance on what to add to the post description for viral impact!

Peppertype Affiliate

Peppertype - Copywriting

AI content writing that creates high-converting content

Canva Affiliate

Canva - Design Publishing Tool 

Online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere.


123RF - Stock & Royalty Free Images 

Search and download from millions of HD stock photos, royalty free images, cliparts, vectors and illustrations.

Peppertype Affiliate

Peppertype - Copywriting

AI content writing that creates high-converting content

An AI Copywriting Software for online entrepreneurs that takes my raw thoughts and transform them into high-converting content & sales copy, all while maintaining my unique ideas and perspective.  


123RF - Stock & Royalty Free Images 

Search and download from millions of HD stock photos, royalty free images, cliparts, vectors and illustrations.

Clipscribe Referral

Clipscribe - Subtitles

Helps you quickly & easily create attention commanding subtitled videos for social media that won't get lost in the feed.

Descript Affiliate

Descript - Transcription

Record, transcribe, edit, mix, collaborate, and master your audio and video.

Adilo Refr

Adilo - Video Storage

Create your own mini-tv show with Adilo channels, a dedicated page for your audience and fans to binge on all your content.

Article Writing
Answer the Public

Answer the Public - Article Ideas

It’s a goldmine of consumer insight you can use to create fresh, ultra-useful content, products and services. The kind your customers really want.


Mobimag - Publication Tool

With Mobimag your publications look amazing on mobile. And for added benefit they look great on tablets and desktops too.

As a result, readers consume significantly more content. That leads to increased readership and, if you’re a business, more sales and more profit.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere 

Keyword search volume, cpc and competition for 15+ websites like Google™ Search Console, YouTube™, Amazon™ & more

Business Management

Groove: Page & Funnel Building, etc.

Create your website, landing pages, blog, mail sequence, cart, membership, and more in just a single platform!

Graphy - Course Platform

Create Courses using Audio, Video, Quizzes, Pdfs, Assignments, Forms, Files, Surveys etc.


Appsumo - One Stop Shop for Digital Products 

Get Insane Deals For All The Tools You Need To Grow Your Business


Rebrandly - URL Shortener

URL Shortener with custom domains. Shorten, brand and track URLs with the industry-leading link management platform.


Aweber - Email Marketing

AWeber allows customers to send emails, create landing pages, and collect payments online all from a single platform.

PCloud Storage

PCloud Storage

Comprehensive easy-to-use cloud storage solution for individuals and businesses alike. They incorporate the technical point-of-view with the end user in mind.


Ligna - Sales Automation

Ligna is a complete sales and marketing platform with every feature you need to close clients, manage content, oversee projects, and track every detail.


Zoom - Video Conferencing  

Bring teams together, reimagine workspaces, engage new audiences, and delight your customers –– all on the Zoom platform you know and love.


YouCanBookMe - Scheduling Tool

Save time with this easy online scheduling tool for teams. No more emailing to plan meetings. Customers book straight into your calendar.


Circuit Sales System

CSS is a proven sales and messaging system backed by a 20+year copywriting expert and 10+ year digital marketing pro with a multi-7-figure/year business.


Motion - Automate Planning

Motion uses artificial intelligence to plan your day — and your team's days!

It takes your meetings, tasks, and projects. And builds the perfect daily schedule. 


YouCanBookMe - Scheduling Tool

Save time with this easy online scheduling tool for teams. No more emailing to plan meetings. Customers book straight into your calendar.

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The Secret Weapon to My Success

Mell B's unique ability to bridge aspirational goals and tangible results with accountability and Deep Belief Hacking has been my secret weapon for success.

Her unwavering commitment, structured approach, and personalised support have transformed my perspective and unlocked my full potential.

Working with Mell B has been a privilege. Her passion for helping others succeed is palpable, and her expertise in Deep Belief Hacking is remarkable.

She challenges and reframes limiting beliefs, empowering me to embrace new perspectives and achieve remarkable transformations.

Mell B's accountability and genuine care for my success have kept me focused, challenged, and motivated. She holds me to the highest standards and provides the guidance needed to surpass my own limitations.

If you're seeking someone to bridge the gap between your aspirations and tangible results, Executive Coaching with Mell B is the answer. I can't recommend her highly enough – she has transformed my life, and I'm forever grateful for her support.

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