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Subject: Hey [name] Are You Ready to Unblock The Fears Of Your True Potential?

Hi {Recipient’s Name}

Quick share today…

My friend Mell ‘B’ created a 3-day guided meditation video series called 'The Ambition Accelerator'.

It's her proprietary healing process created for coaches, speakers and thought leaders.

Mell has found 2 observations in her space as a specialist of Empaths. 

1. Most don’t know, understand or realise they can leverage their traits as an empath (often it limits their lives).

2. The fears are slightly different for empaths, and highly sensitive people, more often it’s about feeling/receiving the energy that comes from others when they achieve higher levels of success.

She's recorded 3 specific meditations to help you

* Achieve unwavering confidence about your ambitions.

* Feel confident about pursuing your ambitions with relentless focus. (After all we all struggle with procrastination in some aspect of our business right?)!

* Have the feeling of empowerment to intuitively make the right decisions, partner with the right collaborations and follow through on the right actions.

Her very personable and insightful videos helps to cultivate a mindset of self-mastery and soul have deep self-commitment, empowering you to not only reach but exceed your personal and professional objectives! 

What I loved most, is that for a busy operator like me, it’s a fast 20 minute power-up (did I mention her voice is so relaxing too?)

I thought you might like it too. She’s only making this available for 5 days to my network, so grab your access to help you get calm, focused and confident as the CEO of your life.

Get the Ambition Accelerator video meditation series https://mellb.systeme.io/mellb-access-granted-aa


P.S. Experience the transformative power of Mell B's award-winning techniques.
Recognised as an International Top 10 Energy Healer in 2019, these are the very techniques her clients invest in for uplevelling to the next bracket of their success.

I’d love you to experience her quantum healing excellence firsthand.

Expiring Promo 2

Subject: Expires Tomorrow! Only open this if you’re ready to accelerate your ambitions?

Hey [Name]!

One last chance to grab Mell ‘B’ 3-day video meditation series 'The Ambition Accelerator' especially recorded for coaches and thought-leaders that will help you to:

* gain absolute clarity for your business vision or personal goals, 

* learn to confidently master your mindset for peak performance, and 

* develop unwavering commitment to your goals! 

It’s available until midnight tomorrow. 

Click the link below to grab the 3-day video series which you can keep on file for the future.

Give yourself the boost above others in your industry!




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