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Create More Impact. Make More Income. 

Guiding empathic creatives to master and command their mindstorms to confidently sail to calmer waters.  

Many don't realise that mastering their empathy, is the treasure-map to being an empowered creative.

When you focus on immersing yourself into your artistic activities, you may find yourself energetically exhausted.

I specialise in helping empaths master their gifts. Empaths are people who energetically connect with thoughts, feelings and the world around them, and can come from all walks of life no matter what level or industry they work in.

Hi, I'm Mell B, a trail-blazing mindset-mentor, I've supported empaths through 650 sessions with my unique abilities to amplify success. My passion is sharing my award-winning, mind-altering techniques, alongside strategy and quantum physics.

Considered spiritual by some, I like to tangibly blend that with science and strategic results, taking creatives from energetic chaos to confident, powerful calmness.

But what gives me the right to stand here and suggest I know something you don't? It's known that I've healed my trifecta of trauma.

What would have most drowning in overwhelm, I faced head-on by mastering my BS - you know, the Belief System that feeds our fears. My stories exemplify that great empaths become bolder by overcoming the mess and BS they've lived through and we all know that using these experiences absolutely feeds into our creative projects.

I'm proud to have been featured in Yahoo and Thrive Global for my Empathic Evolutionary tools. International Coach of the Year, The Top 1% of Leadership Coaches in Australia and Top 10 Energy Healers globally, I'm also the brand ambassador for a homeless Charity and tech guru for Professional Speakers Association here in Queensland.

I'm on a global mission to create 'The Empaths Embassy'. I look forward to you joining my voyage to develop your Empathic Intelligence.

Now is the time to generate your legacy, without sacrificing your Freedom!

Discover The Secret To Being A Public Figure AND An Empath Without Draining Your Life Force! 

so you can transform more lives whilst accomplishing your soul’s ambitions faster. 


With My Facilitation, You Will Not Only ... 

Discover your own way to achieve significant reach to accomplish your soul’s ambitions faster.

Develop the mindset of a CEO to shift your business from a hobby to a centre of excellence. 

Trust your own knowing and step into your thought leadership role.

I Also Teach You The Techniques And Processes to Continue On Your Own!

So I wonder...


  • Address your fears about public speaking and are ready to put yourself in the limelight like my client Kylie. (From terrified to excited in 2 sessions!) 

  • Cease second guessing your decisions, to 'Go Big!' the way Hayley got to. (there is no better way to get clarity of anything you need guidance on!) 

  • Stop letting ego affect your calling, and take things to the next level, in 1 supercharged session like my client Angela did. (Ego wasn’t keen to change it’s protective ways!) 


  • Identify the blocks that are disrupting your world without you even knowing, like my client Roxy. (we found things she didn’t realise were affecting her biz!). And, finally... 

  • Allow yourself to collaborate with other soul-aligned coaches and their group of clients like I did with Genine. (they wanted more on day 2 :D) 

  • Understand the blocks to self-love that're impacting your work (without realising) like Tracie did. (from stressed out before her 1st major exhibition to lightness) 


  • Release the dreams from their shackles, like Rachel did. (Her manifestation the next day was super cool!)  

  • Facilitate healing to alleviate the other life challenges that are affecting your business, like Chelsea did. (from PTSD trauma to all manner of other hidden wounds) 

  • Discover why you feel or think the way you do and access your truth like Tammie got to experience. (taking self-discovery journeys to the next level, so fun!) 

  • Enabling you to increase the impact you leave on the world...

  • be known as the thought leader creating change, waaay beyond just your community.

  • be the positive influence creating ripple effects on the world, beyond the client you serve.

  • be the shining example of what's possible for your family and leave the legacy you desire.


    Special Promo for EPS - SCFF
    Wing Girl Support


  • Oh and I should mention that all my Quantum programs include Wing-Girl’ out of hours support and accountability!

    This is the secret weapon that my past practitioner clients have been telling their sisterhood. 

    You get me in your back-pocket for the emergencies that come up, and to keep you striving for your ambitious.

    How to Enroll in EPS
  • Step 1

    Right after you click on the Enrol button you’ll be sent to a page with a quick google form to answer 3 quick questions – this allows me to get straight to the root of what you desire, ready for step 2.

  • Step 2

    Next, you will set up your 45 minute Breakthrough Session to breakdown your goals into a rapid result plan, which is super exciting – and yes with your permission - expect me to expand your dreams even bigger.

    This is also when I introduce to my Mindweb analysis process to create your checklist for us to work through in our 6 sessions.

    By the end of the breakthrough session, we will know if we are a good fit for one another to continue with your plans. 

  • Step 3

    If we agree to continue with the EmpathPreneurShip Program, you'll be sent an email with the link to the payment page.  

  • Step 4

    Following successful payment, you will be sent to the resource page to download your resources and get the booking link for your Deep Belief Hacking quantum healing Sessions.

  • Step 5

    Then you simply schedule the first of your 6 sessions where we use my proprietary Mindweb Analysis process to address ALL of the aspects we uncovered in your Breakthrough session.  

    This is the basis of our time together (and the time which my clients can’t get enough of!)

  • Step 6

    You also get recordings of our zoom calls (if we used it), where you can actually watch the transformations you went through!

  • Step 7

    Lastly, you be sent copies of our session notes to reflect and journal on what we quantum shifted in session – this debriefing can be very powerful to understand the 3D and 5D expansion.

  • When you join EmpathPreneurShip...

      I guarantee you'll walk away at the end of our 6 sessions having clearly identified and released the areas that you are energetically blocked.... 

    Or your money back 


    In other words, client satisfaction is very important to me. I don't want to keep your money if you are unhappy. So if we haven’t comprehensively deconstructed your MindWeb, all you have to do is email [email protected] and I will happily refund your full fee. 

    I take on all the risk! 


    I want you to know that I’ll genuinely be increasing the price of this program in 2023 because EmpathPreneurShip is worth so much more but this is the first time I’ve opened my books like this, so I'm experimenting a little bit! 

    This is a very limited-time offer only for 8 Ambitious Empaths, so if you’re thinking of putting this off, please don’t because it is likely that the places will be filled up if you come back later. 

    P.S. If you know somebody that may be interested in this I offer complimentary sessions as a thank you for your referral (upon conclusion of their payments). Just let me know their name and I’ll be in touch upon completion of their program. 





    Guiding empathic creatives to master and command their mindstorms to confidently sail to calmer waters.

    Do you want to accelerate your life and your creative passions using your unique energy, talents, and gifts?

    If you've been experiencing self doubt, lack of focus and clarity more than twice this past week, then I know you are a struggling creative. Perhaps, it is challenging to tune into your soul's purpose or you're allowing ego to self-sabotage your commitment.

    Hi! I'm Mell B, a self-declared EmpathPreneur.

    I'm an award winning Transformational Coach and Quantum Healer who has worked on all of the struggles of being in the limelight and receiving undesired attention as a result.

    It's tough rising to the top (if it were easy, every household would have a rockstar). Our job is to clear all the obstacles that stop us from realising our fullest potential and stepping into our massive light. 

    Some of my accomplishments:

    • named one of Top 10 Healers in the world by 'The Energy Healing Magazine'

    • recognised as Top 1% of Leadership Coaches in Australia by Yahoo Global

    • 3rd most compelling Coaching Brands internationally.

    My mission is to help you tap into soul-level clarity, amplify your confidence, and embody self-commitment to increase your income and independence.

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