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Mell Balment Quantum Coach and Healer
Elite Mindset Program

So you're an ambitious dynamo looking for ongoing mindset mentoring to embody the confidence and commitment to be a Global Impacter with your empathic gifts?

Then I know you're ready to become fearless Elite Leader in order to create your legacy.

3, 6, or 12-MONTH PROGRAM
The Classic Elite Mindset, Caring, Influence, Self and Spirituality, Career, Love, Abundance
Rapid Results Coaching

Rapid Results Coaching

Do you find yourself doubting your ability to accomplish your big visions and missions? You need to shift from thinking about 'doing it all' to clarity of what to do now.

The Elite Mindset Program includes coaching on how to heal the fears of being seen, judged, or wealthy through rapid, practical, strategic action steps for immediate and continuous business success.

Accountability and Support

& Support

Get accountability and wing-girl support to help catch yourself being distracted by the expectations of others, or self-sabotaging your dial-moving actions.

If you're ready to earn the income you deserve and to set an example of how to charge what you're worth, Elite Mindset will support you with the shift your mindset needs to step into this higher frequency.

Quantum Healing


The third and most essential component of Elite Mindset Programs is Quantum Healing sessions. Our goal in these sessions is to address the subconscious, energetic beliefs and blocks that have to be updated for your next-level aspirations.

Coaching and mindset only take you so far from a success standpoint. When you treat your underlying energetic beliefs protecting you from success, your results go through the roof!


See What Others Are Saying

The time with her has already been transformational.

 The biggest impact has been achieving a calm and grounded state after feeling stressed, anxious, upset, unbalanced and in a state of complete overwhelm.

When I came to Mell I was in a self-doubt, misalignment storm - I felt so wrong and chaotic, feeling I was in a complete hole. I had no clue how to make myself feel better, let alone come to clear decisions about even small matters.

Mell helped me clear unhelpful beliefs & emotional energy that's been building up and 'stuck' in my body/psyche for years... She showed me how to accept true universal love / positivity. She held space for me to be completely vulnerable and I felt safe and completely understood.

Mell has given me skills I've never had, for example, to be able to get in touch with my intuition and feel clarity, realise when I am judging myself, practice self-acceptance and to truly BE who I am.

This has been a wonderfully intense and powerful experience and I'm so grateful to Mell for her absolute focus, tenderness and guidance. I'm also aware that I am on a journey towards peace and centredness that requires me to practice all of the approaches I've learned

Claire Harris - Communication and Marketing Strategist

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Fast healing video series to claim the success, joy and happiness that you deserve!

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