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Mell Balment Quantum Coach and Healer
Deepak Chopra Quantum Healer

Deepak Chopra wrote one of the first books on Mind Body Healing 

Mell Balment Quantum Healer, Quantum Coach, Quantum Healing

In it, he talks about epigenetics and how we can reprogram the body with the mind.

This laid down the scientific basis for a consciousness approach to self regulation and healing.

What is Quantum Healing and How Does It Work

Quantum healing is not a new science, in facts its now over 30 years old.

Quantum is the smallest unit of energy, referred to as an electron.

A quantum of consciousness is a thought or an intention.

Quantum Healing is the process of altering non-serving, subconscious thoughts and intentions to be more aligned with desired results and goals.

Finding the thoughts and memories that are creating our triggers and undesired behaviours and changing them - or reframing them - into alternative perspectives, means our past does not dictate our future.

Generally these unserving thoughts - aka limiting beliefs - are set in our innocent early years, when the context isn't understood.

The magic of quantum healing is it resolves every occasion from the very first occurrence, breaking the pattern of the issue from ever happening again!

Each time we come across a similar situation, our new 'reframed' memory has shifted and the ‘trigger’ no longer exists.

Another amazing beauty of my processes, is that you don't have to re-live the original trauma. You are in control of the session, I'm your guide and facilitator.

This is very powerful, right!

I designed 'The Deep Belief Hacking' model to create powerful Quantum transformations.

Deep Belief Hacking, Mindset Transformation, Quantum Healing, Intuitive Self-Mastery, Impact
My Philosophy

After delivering over '650 Mindweb Analysis' sessions I've created a process that understands the enmeshment and complex memories overlaid into our emotions and behaviours.

We often don't realise that Ego is controlling our super-conscious and playing the lead role by protecting us from re-living traumas we've had in our past lifetimes.

For example...

You want to start showing up online about something you strongly believe in. You've considered doing a FB Live or video for Youtube but either:

  • You've got the concept buzzing around in your head but when you sit down to write the bullet points you suddenly feel stuck and don't know where to begin, or

  • Every time you begin the task of recording, something crops up and sabotages your efforts, the lighting isn't right, you can't find the cables

  • What's happening is that Ego is trying to 'keep you safe' by avoiding completion of the project.

    It's very good at manipulating our reality to match its subconscious powers!

    I've discovered how to align Ego with our spiritually driven desires;

    creating quantum shifts in our wealth, health, and soul purpose.

    Our Mindweb of ExperienceMindWeb Of Our Experiences Diagram
    All living beings are connected at the level of pure consciousness. We can acccelerate the rate of our success by tapping into this.

    If you want to realise your fullest potential and happiness, book in for a chat to identify which tailored program is right for you.

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