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Mell Balment Quantum Coaching and Healing



The journey to empowered surrender.

Empath-preneur-ship (EPS): Track and identify your stage on the EPS map: Vital for clarity and growth to go from being the best kept secret to being the heralded healer you are meant to be.

ID-Entity - the 8 aspects of your super-conscious: It’s not just subconscious or ego that we need to bring into alignment with your chosen life's endeavours. When you learn all 8 you will be able to know what to check in with when making major transitions or manifesting.

Dark empaths: Mirrors for our growth or shadows of society? Too many people are getting hurt emotionally and financially by narcissists and energy vampires. Learn to recognise and protect against them.

The third workshop of the Empathic Evolution series outlines the fastest way take your learnings from 1 and 2 with the next level of spiritual tools to empower yourself to be the brightest and boldest version you could possibly dream of.


  • The Empath-Preneur-Ship Arc

  • 8 Superconscious Id-Entity Aspects

  • Mindweb Networking

  • Consciousness Explained

  • 4 Steps to Healing FEAR

  • Alchemy Accelerator

See What Others Are Saying

Mell presented a very inspiring energetic session with everyone wanting to learn more!

What a great evening with Mell, our Holistic Health Hub were intrigued from the very beginning!

Mell presented a very inspiring energetic session with everyone wanting to learn more!

Great job Mell! Thank you and I look forward to welcoming you back to New Dawn Pilates & Yoga soon

Dawn Edward-Jones
New Dawn Pilates & Yoga

Dawn Edwards-Jones
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