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Mell Balment Quantum Coaching and Healing


How to think, do and be a bolder leader.

It's tough being an empathic leader in a cynical 21st century, an era dominated by masculine, profit-driven focus.

Learn the gateways to appreciate how (and why) humans think and behave. And use that understanding to build a better relationship with your people to be more successful.

Learn how to manage external influences that affect your emotions and energy. Discover how to manage your energy to improve your emotional wellbeing and leadership capabilities.

Learn how to focus on the right things to achieve your ambitions. Intuitive thinking doesn't mean you can't be logical. In fact, many intuitives are very logical in problem-solving. The difference is that intuitive thinking relies on a different set of criteria to find alternative strategies. I'll teach you these and more!

The first workshop of the Empathic Evolution series dives deep into the tools all leaders and managers need, to understand and manage empathic energy in the workplace.


  • Resilience Roadmap

  • The 3 Anchors of Mediocracy

  • Critical Choice Point

  • Gateway from Uncertainty to Unwavered

  • Affects of Colour Frequencies

  • Logic Versus Love Model

  • See What Others Are Saying

    Mell presented an insightful talk to Women’s Network Australia.

    What stood out was her engaging manner and inclusiveness with the audience.

    Mell presented an insightful talk at the Women’s Network Australia Brunch.

    What stood out was her engaging manner and inclusiveness with the audience.

    Her experiential approach reinforces learning and provided our participants with much to think about, skills to apply when back in their own workplace and strategies to use when leading and working with their teams or in personal relationships.

    Feedback was excellent from all participants.

    Janelle Bostock
    Women's Network Australia

    Janelle Bostock
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