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Mell Balment Quantum Coaching and Healing

Are you secretly wanting to be a thought-leader but don't if you're ready to swim with the big fish or afraid you'll drown in the sea of inauthentic fakes?

Ready to amplify your internal guidance system to unleash your ultimate potential?

Through her journey to rise from a broken child, Mell B learned how to rely on her inner wisdom to survive. She was able to consistently follow powerful callings, despite not having full comprehension of her gifts as a light-worker.

The Empaths Ambassador, Mell B will enhance the audience's ability to connect to their intuitive knowing to guide to their highest good. They will also learn how to let go of the things holding them back from being their most Unwavered self.

The Unwavered presentation or workshop, will give you deeply impactful awakenings and insights such as how to...

  • train your gremlin mind and trust your instincts

  • learn about dark empaths and protecting your energy field

  • amplify your intuitive wisdom and stop being a human Doer.

  • Trusting your truth, dis-covers the keys to your kingdom, you too can realise your goals and ambitions by accessing new doors and powerful opportunities.

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    Mell is an amazing Speaker and fantastic human to work with. She knows how to captivate the audience and how to get everyone engaged.

    She is a Master at 'holding the space' and helping people navigate potential arising triggers, especially when she shares her powerful story. She is professional and you can rely on her.

    When I asked her to be a Successful SisinBiz Speaker for www.sisinbiz.com she went above-and-beyond.

    She is also extremely generous, when she comes across opportunities that might be helpful for you - she will share them and recommend you as well.

    I have known Mell a few years now and have personally worked with her 1:1 and in group settings in the last 12 months. She is a person of integrity, I highly recommend her and we are keen to do more work with her. 

    Marlie Jolanda - Meaningful Marketing Business Coach

    Marlie Jolanda
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    What makes Mell B different?

    Known as the Empaths Ambassador, I support emerging thought-leaders to monetise their intuitive gifts and transform into Heralded Healers.

    I thought healing from child abuse was enough trauma but immediately after a back injury I had to surrender to chemo. It wasn't until Universe delivered 'My Message' on a bad acid trip, that I finally understood...

    I'm a spiritual strategist, here to help others link logic with love.

    Learning from my empowered surrender, I created Empath-Preneur-Ship, specifically to help hesitant thought-leaders leave their legacy and bigger impact on the world.

    When I'm not playing in the Quantum field, I'm the brand ambassador for a homeless charity, the tech translator for Professional Speakers Australia QLD or training for the Sydney to Hobart '24 Yacht race.

    I have a dream of creating 'The Empaths Embassy' to support and develop Intuitive Claire gifts.

    As a multi-award winning healer and top 1% Australian leadership coach, I am proof that even being raised on a mobile home caravan park, can't stop unwavered greatness!

    Mell Balment

    A resilient individual, she is one of those rare futurists, creating tangible outcomes whilst talking about intangible subjects. Her vision for the future and contagious enthusiasm has her shining brightly above the crowd.

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