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Mell Balment Quantum Coaching and Healing

Guiding empathic leaders to master and command their mind-storms to

confidently sail to

calmer waters.

Are you confidently steering your business or organisation through a growth stage?

  • Are you feeling frustrated with your team's performance?

  • Are you struggling to keep yourself and them motivated to stay the course?

  • Are you overwhelmed with all that's to be done with excessive expectations heaped upon you?

A constant message from business leaders is feelings of being bogged down. Whether from external pressures, executive leadership demands, team conflict or distractions, they all add up.

That's where I come in!

CHAOS | The 3 Phase Evolution For  Empaths Navigating Our Digital AgeCHAOS | The 3 Phase Evolution For  Empaths Navigating Our Digital Age
CHAOS | The 3 Phase Evolution For  Empaths Navigating Our Digital Age

Unprecedented times have created unsettling disconnect for many. Disruptions of all aspects of our lives, experienced on a global scale has left deep uncertainty and feeling bypassed by our decision makers.

So is the ambition to bring back compassion for ourselves and others, along with co-creation to embrace intuitiveness, even possible?

How do we understand and support those that can most influence and bring about positive change... empathic humans?

Outlining the energetic connection between success and empathy, Mell B shares her passion and revolutionary insights gleaned from 650 Deep Belief sessions. She's guided empaths to sail through the energetic chaos of their mind-storms to command empathic intelligent, success.

By tangibly blending her mind-altering techniques with strategy and results oriented focus, your audience will leave Mind-Masters able to sail unwaveringly from stormy chaos to empowered calmness.

This keynote presentation helps you to understand the emotional-energy connection and the effect that it has on those around you, and ultimately the effectiveness of your business.

Your audience will:

  • Tap into the reason we become human-doer which stops you being more efficient, producing more results and getting more done in less time.

  • Identify the 10 empathic traits and why knowing them is a more important skill to build deeper cohesion with ourselves and team.

  • Learn strategies to manage stressful energy and how to protect from being drained, and reducing the need to 'keep yourself together'.

  • How to access inspirational thinking to expand intuitiveness to make decisions that are insights-driven, not emotionally based.

  • Each one of us has unique abilities to feel the energy around us, and so it is critical that we are aware of how we interact with online and the digital world at large, and the way we use our devices.

    This presentation will help your audience to better understand empaths and the world they live in. 

    for a more in-depth look of
    the keynote specifics

    EMPATH: noun

    a person with abilities to neuro-logically resonate with the energy around you, such as thoughts &/or emotions of others, animals or your environment.

    What this simply means: you have at least one gift of receiving energy signals from outside your own body.



    Adapted and tailored for high performing, emerging leaders and professional teams and audiences.

    Unconscious Anchors
    WORKSHOP 1 - Leadership Evolution


    How to think, do and be a bolder leader.

    Learn the gateways to appreciate how (and why) humans think and behave. And use that understanding to build a better relationship with your people to be more successful.

    Learn how to manage external influences that affect your emotions and energy. Discover how to manage your energy to improve your emotional wellbeing and leadership capabilities.

    Learn how to focus on the right things to achieve your ambitions. Intuitive thinking doesn't mean you can't be logical. In fact, many intuitives are very logical in problem-solving. The difference is that intuitive thinking relies on a different set of criteria to find alternative strategies. I'll teach you these and more!

    Unwavered Confidence
    WORKSHOP 2 - Mindset Evolution


    Learn how your mind processes your thoughts and how EGO stands in the way of your success.

    Free yourself from the past, live in the present and create a mind-blowing future.You've been playing small and ignoring your intuition long enough. It's time to stop letting fear control your energy, activate your greatness and step into your power to live the life you were created to live.

    Understand how to command what Ego fears most. When you understand the how and why of Ego, you can work with rather than against it, and start living a life filled with love and joy.

    Create new beliefs, take your power back, and manifest your dreams. Uncover the primary reasons why so many of us are unable to focus, and find out how to develop your abilities to become a stronger empath.

    Empowered Surrender
    WORKSHOP 3 - Spiritual Evolution


    The journey to empowered surrender.

    Empath-preneur-ship (EPS): Track your journey on the EPS map: Identify which stage of your entrepreneurial career you're in. Vital for growth to go from being the best kept secret to being the heralded healer you are meant to be.

    ID-Entity - the 8 aspects of your super-conscious: It’s not just subconscious or ego that we need to bring into alignment with your chosen life's endeavours. When you learn all 8 you will be able to know what to check in with when making major transitions or manifesting.

    Dark empaths: Mirrors for our growth or shadows of society? Too many people are getting hurt emotionally and financially by narcissists and energy vampires. Learn to recognise and protect against them.



    Mell B Speaking Keynote


    If you know your upcoming seminar or conference consists of soul-driven operators, Mell B's deeply impactful Keynote will go down a storm.

    With a surprising and enduring upbringing, Mell B's corporate background ensures a smooth and professional delivery.

    "If you're looking to amplify your success - especially as an empath, Mell's Keynote is a great place to start.”

    Mell B Guest Speaker


    If you're looking for something different, interactive and impactful, Mell B's live demonstrations and audience- participating talks may be just what you're looking for your event to be memorable.

    Her passion is infectious and her public engagements highly appealing. 

    Mell loves talking to audiences that focus on holistic approaches and alternative points of view.

    Mell B Workshops and Retreats


    Being invited to host / facilitate a workshop or retreat for your team is the most privileged part of being a speaker.

    Mell B works with you to ensure the subject matter and takeaways are in alignment with your objectives.

    Mell shares many of her coaching insights with your audience, creating constant a'ha's with humorous, science based content.

    Mell B Presentations


    As a leadership specialist, I share how to improve your Empathetic Intelligence by understanding the BS (Belief Systems) of humans.

    By sharing my strategies you will quickly learn how to stop being tangled in the emotions and mess of your people (& clients). And you will be able to graciously nip drama in the bud by managing unhelpful behaviours in your culture.

    What are the audience benefits other than exceedingly practical takeaways? 

    If your audience is ready for change and open to hearing new ideas, they won’t be disappointed, in fact they will be left wanting more.

  • Sharper problem solving

  • Lowered stress and overwhelm

  • Vastly improved inter-human relationship

  • It was simply outstanding! Mell’s passion is engaging and her presence holds the floor.

    She beautifully laid the groundwork for my own presentation.

    Rowan Prangley

    Director, True North

    Mell presented an insightful talk to Women’s Network Australia.

    What stood out was her engaging manner and inclusiveness with the audience.

    Janelle Bostock

    Women's Network Australia

    Not just 'another' workshop or retreat.

    Mell B left a transformational impact through her vulnerable and practical delivery, on my leadership retreat.

    Whether laughing or crying... change is inevitable.

    Lindy Jansen-Harris

    Owner - Island Life Gold Coast



    Mell is an amazing Speaker and fantastic human to work with. She knows how to captivate the audience and how to get everyone engaged.

    She is a Master at 'holding the space' and helping people navigate potential arising triggers, especially when she shares her powerful story. She is professional and you can rely on her.

    When I asked her to be a Successful SisinBiz Speaker for www.sisinbiz.com she went above-and-beyond.

    She is also extremely generous, when she comes across opportunities that might be helpful for you - she will share them and recommend you as well.

    I have known Mell a few years now and have personally worked with her 1:1 and in group settings in the last 12 months. She is a person of integrity, I highly recommend her and we are keen to do more work with her. 

    Marlie Jolanda - Meaningful Marketing Business Coach

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